What’s Dieline Conference?

For the past eight years, Dieline Conference has been committed to supporting the advancement of the package design industry in all its forms by highlighting its importance and value for brands in today’s world. Dieline Conference is a global gathering of practitioners who join together to advocate the packaging industry towards future-forward solutions through creativity and innovation, and we’ve hosted over thirteen conferences across the US and Europe.

Dieline Conference remains the most influential and comprehensive package design & branding conference around, serving as a focal point for designers who work on consumer brands.

Dieline Conference 2019

We have arrived at a moment where the very concept of packaging itself is changing, unlocking incredible new opportunities for brand innovation. This year's conference will explore how the most creative brands in the world can push us forward while creating sustainable, innovative, and proprietary consumer experiences. With a heavy focus on sustainability, we'll discuss the evolution and future of consumer brands and product packaging.

Featuring a lineup of some of the world’s leading brands, agencies, designers, and sustainability experts, you will learn how to maximize the power of smart package design and branding for today's consumer. Dieline 2019 will show you how to embrace the future, today.

Dieline +
HOW Design Live 2019

Since its inception, Dieline Conference has been co-located with HOW Design Live. Your ticket to Dieline Conference makes you a part of a global happening, with over 4,000 attendees from all across the U.S. and countries all around the world.

With your Dieline ticket, In addition to Dieline Conference sessions and the Dieline Awards Ceremony + Celebration, you can attend HOW Design Live's keynotes, main stage sessions, and networking events on the 8th to the 10th. You can preview new tools, technologies, and products from up to 100 vendors in the exhibit hall. By attending, you join a creative community embraces everyone and empowers real opportunities.