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There Is No Crying In Branding: Lessons Learned From 13 Years Of Running Brand New


Armin Vit

There Is No Crying In Branding: Lessons Learned From 13 years Of Running Brand New

After writing more than 5,000 opinions on logos and identities on the blog Brand New for the past 13 years, I have identified a number of lessons, trends, best (and worst) practices, and even memes in the world of branding that we can all learn from and apply to our own work — something I will also talk about as how Brand New led to the Brand New Conference and the crazy identity materials we have designed for it over the years to satisfy the same crowd we've encouraged on the blog to be so demanding of when it comes to quality in design.


  1. What makes for a good logo and identity redesign.

  2. How to best launch and present your logo and identity projects.

  3. Why designing for designers is harder than it seems.

About Armin Vit

Born and raised in Mexico City, Armin Vit is a graphic designer and writer now living in Bloomington, IN. He is co-founder of UnderConsideration, a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Although he has written for most well-known design publications he is most recognized for his writing on the blogs that make up the UnderConsideration online network—particularly Brand New, the popular blog for opinions on corporate and brand identity work. Along with his wife and partner, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Armin has co-authored various books for publishers and for UnderConsideration and has organized multiple design events, including the annual Brand New Conference and bi-monthly Austin Initiative for Graphic Awesomeness speaker series. Previously, Armin worked at the New York office of Pentagram and his professional experience stretches back to 1999. Since then he has become a regular speaker and juror in events and competitions around the world. When not working, he is either out for a run or washing the dishes.